How do you define this?
What do those two words mean to you in the context of individual change?

These questions are important to consider when you evaluate your beliefs about alleviating poverty. They are defining of what your personal stand on the issue is and what your perspective is.

Is poverty defined by the income standards one is raised in?

In the context of a western persons lifestyle in 2013, if one considers oneself, as middle high income in America living in the suburbs of San Francisco then is poverty lower middle class living below the ‘tracks’ along the railroads? Or if you are raised with public school education as a UK citizen with a family in London in an urban lifestyle do you consider poor to be working class from New Castle miners family?

Is poverty the location you live in and refined more to the education system one attends in a location? Is it the people who are homeless and sleep under the stars, the bridges, in the parks, or in their cars, or in mud huts, or bamboo houses?

Or is it the number of meals one can eat daily? Or the amount of money one spends on food weekly? Or determined by the class of car and year of make that one drives or whether one takes public transport? Or the style and brand of cloths one wears (or doesn’t wear)?

Or are the poor only people who live in foreign countries far away from where you live?

Is that poverty?

In the context of the vision you hold, how do you want to alleviate that?

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