POVERTY – Street Vendor

POVERTY – Street Vendor

I push a cart
Across a road
In a major city center

I sell handbags
Knock offs
From china

My child sits next to me all day and night
Not in school.
Not in home…
No Father
No Family
Illegal from China minority but I blend into this city because I speak Cantonese…

Playing with an old white Barbie silent
She wears no shoes
She has not eaten since yesterday.
She is hungry.
She wants and waits to sleep on her red striped shopping back bed…
The cover for my chart.
I will sleep on the stool in the alley next to her.

If I make a few sales tonight by midnight
She will eat after I pay my owner the money she expects….

Few have bought my fake mechanise
Everyone too busy today
Its 11pm on a Wednesday night….

I am a widow..

What country do I live in?

Its 2013 in a market in Hong Kong, one of the richest places on earth.
I owe money.
Dominated, I am a slave to a wicked Cantonese woman.

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