POVERTY – Gabriel Blind

POVERTY – Gabriel Blind

I hide
I am invisible to most who pass me.
I am young in my 20’s
I am loosing my eyesight with cataracts that need to be operated on.
I live in the bushes hiding from the police in a city that frowns on the HOMELESS….

I am scared
I am hungry
And, I am truly in need.

Who cares?
Seems no one.

I am passed on the street by 99% of the working people
Too busy to look at me,
Too scared to acknowledge my quite presence,
Not wanting to hear the words
I am hungry. …. please feed me.
No food for 3 days….

I am on the streets today hiding in the park, living in the bushes.
My reality is hiding from the law as it is illegal to be homeless in this city.
Ironic, isn’t it….I moved for a better life to the city from the province…
And, I have been passed over
By too many.

What country do I live in?

I am Filipino : I live in Manila, Philippines

I am Gabriel…

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