LOG SIX:  Overly Ambitious Was I !!!!!

LOG SIX: Overly Ambitious Was I !!!!!

The last blog was written on the eve of attending the African Women’s Global Summit that now seems miles away from where I sit now in the United Kingdom. When it comes to my blog, all I can say is “Isn’t this always the way it is!!!!!”

With all intent and ambition I thought I would be writing my blog throughout my journey into Addis’s business and health industries.  But, my EU assignment, as luck would have it, first I was so consumed that I worked every day for 54 days except the two Easters (my American Easter 5April and their Orthodox Easter Sunday 12 April set one week apart).  My workday was a 12-hour work minimum. And, my time off was next to none…

The assignment perfect for my skill set. The assignment one I loved doing. But, a very strong reminder that perfect does not always mean the best for my body and me. And, it is not the best for me for lifestyle. Consuming work is ok. Consuming work is fascinating. Consuming work is interesting. But, it is also something that may not be the best for me in the long run now as I am older, because this type of work takes me far from my family, friends, and a lifestyle that keeps me healthier and happier. This lifestyle isolates.

And this is the reality for emergency and disaster, relief, aid and development workers……… our life’s as exciting as they can be in the moment are actually very tiring, isolating, and more difficult as we age. Taking short-term assignments are a way for making extra cash, for seeing and experiencing interesting places, and for ‘doing good things for society’ however I am beginning to believe that these short-term assignments may be something to do before 50!!!! Why…

Because life changes. And, as one enters the active 50’s the world once known in the youth changes. It is not as easy to get everything done in a day. Even if one’s skill set is at the highest
professional level of efficiency, the to do list in this digital era is bigger and longer and more self imposed than in past times. And with more on the list, it takes more time. Time that the body rebels against allowing. So, writing a blog becomes the least important task on the list. And, is delayed…As, it has been till today.

Overly ambitious, I am not when I am not on assignment in the field, but disciplined I am. And for that reason I am writing. I made a decision to detail my trip to Ethiopia and give an overview of a working assignment at the executive level.  My goal is for people who want to work in the field of aid and development, may read about the reality ( my point of view) and reflect on their own goals and ambitions.

So for the time, I am back writing in the comfort of home about my assignment to Addis Ababa for the European Union and the Government of Ethiopia

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