Log Four: The Benefit of Being Delayed Enroute

Log Four: The Benefit of Being Delayed Enroute

Crazy as it may sound, I love having a delayed flight in a foreign country. Everyone else may complain when grounded because they may feel ‘put off and inconvenienced’ by the weather or staff problems or anything else that caused the delay, but I don’t complain. I just get on with it and accept the delay as a gift of time. This chosen behavior keeps me from stressing and helps me maintain my balance. It’s a choice. It’s a decision. And, its something I learned to accept as a part of working in the global market place.


Delays are part of the job. And, delays allow me to focus. Yes focus. Delays force me to sit still and think.


My trip to Addis Ababa has been filled with interruptions. Two extra days of travel have resulted in two extra nights in hotels (both beautiful). And, each delay, although not without hassles, has let me rest. And, given me extra time to prepare for my assignment.


In Hong Kong I stayed at the Marriott Skyway Hotel at the Airport:




A most beautiful environment with an incredible pool— lap swimmers be aware——swim in wee hours of morning for the most refreshing peaceful exercise….

In addition to this wonderful experience I left with a belly full of breakfast buffet. The highest quality food. And, then ate nothing on the plane because I was both satisfied and full the whole day. My time so well spent resting and relaxing: A little holiday.


In South Africa I stayed at the Southern Sun:




A lovely simpler hotel. Although without a good lap pool, the smaller pool is in a great small garden, which faces the restaurant. Instead of swimming, I ate to my hearts content reading the largest paper (in size and dimension) that I have ever seen. Something unique in today’s paperless world. Maybe it’s my age, but I prefer reading a morning paper than reading online. There is something to having my coffee, a good think, and a good read in that order to get my day off to a great start. And, as a side note to this… at dinner when I arrived I experienced millet dish that is South Africa’s stable food.  It’s called ‘mielie pap’. It was so similar to a native food of Italy called polenta because it is heavy, grainy, and served with a tomato sauce. I thoroughly enjoyed being introduced to this part of the South African food culture.

In concluding this blog piece, readers with interest in becoming aid or international workers note—- take advantage of the hidden pleasures that face you on the road. Instead of complaining look for the benefits of the moment. If you do you will land at your assignment much less stressed and much happier and ready than if you complain and allow yourself to become upset. You only have one life to live, so live it easy. And, enjoy!!!!

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