The Pope at the Vatican has declared that the use of condoms for birth control is now permitted. This is big news in the Catholic community.


People may now feel less guilt that they are defying their Church when they choose to use birth control. Women can take more control of their bodies. Men can make wiser decisions based on empowerment. Families can be planned.

But will they, if they do not know how to use a condom put on a condom (stories abound in developing nations of people’s naivety and use of condoms)! Even today, they are used for fishing, hand sanitation, water balloons etc.


And will they buy and used the “Pill” and other forms of contraception?


Education and health promotion is paramount in changing behavior but in far flung locations like Northern Samar—– which is so very sheltered and naïve, with a new government overwhelmed with combating all issues of poverty, and few if any global NGO’s with knowledge (However, the good news is the international NGO ‘Plan’ is making ground quietly talking of family planning and contraception)….. Will the people change their belief, attitude and behavior and use contraception”? And as importantly because of the power of priests in the Philippines, will these male priests accept and guide parishioners to use birth control?


What will be the future of this socially important change in the Pope’s new message in the rules of the Catholic Church? How will this affect and or change the population in Northern Samar (will it or not)?

I raised the issue with the governor and his team.


And, so this is where my role as the aid worker in 2011 began….


This conversation does not mean that I have convinced the governor to accept condoms and contraception. But, discussion on this and the Reproductive Health Bill (something important to every Catholic in this country) are out in an open dialogue.  I feel my role is always to diplomatically approach hard to discuss topics. My viewpoint as a Catholic remains influenced by my role as an aid worker—- when it comes to the topics of contraception (A CONDOM, THE PILL, VASECTOMY, TL, and other forms of birth control) I firmly believe we must allow people to choose for themselves, to be empowered with information about the products, and have available for free and for purchase all forms (not only condoms) of contraception. This is the only way we are going to save peoples life’s from STD/HIV/HEP C, maintain and or decrease our population, and bare healthier children with advantage vs. disadvantage in life.


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