Is this the face of poverty?

I am a woman
I am Caucasian
I am a working professional woman (or so I used to be)
I am 59 years old
I am the most educated with stellar credentials from prestigious schools
I speak the Queens English
I am unemployed for five years
I lost my house to foreclosure
I cannot make my rent
I am considering living out of tent and my car
I count my coins
I am living on what seems to be only air
I eat one meal a day
I stay home and leave the air conditioner on only for a few hours to sleep.
I don’t know how I am going to pay the bills next week.
I am scared.
And, when I walk out the door, I look clean, well dressed and stylish for my age
No one sees me as poor
No one sees anything but a successful woman
No one knows
The truth of my reality

The government dole officer indifferent only sees me as another number.
And acts abrasive.

I am Joy

Poverty is colorless. It is the people you never suspect.

It’s 2013 and I am an expat who has lived in Asia but now am in the UK
Fighting to Survive…

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