In new life at Easter my spirit is alive and clear.

I am aware change is in progress. I am aware of giving in and letting go. And, that in my faith I will be guided. Just as a bee is guided to collect pollen for the hive and queen mother, I have been collecting my thoughts and discussing the meaning of life with my own mother. Having just experienced a period of time with her physically, near family and life long child hood friends, I have been renewed.

This Easter, special, as I am physically home with my loved ones, especially with my Mom.

I celebrate with her my blessings and I thank God for allowing me a life with these gifts

– To have the knowledge of Christ as my savior,
– To not be controlled by the $$$
– To understand minimalism and how to live on little
– To understand the complexity of poverty
– To be able to work with the poorest yet also with the wealthiest
– To work in roles that is never a ‘ job ‘…
– To have work that is always fun….
– To be free to schedule long holidays with family…
– To have the privilege to travel the world…
– To receive fair and yet sometimes exceptional compensation
– To share my world from people of all ages, races, cultures
– To never feel obligated to anyone
– To be wise enough to make solid decisions
– To experience the lesson of failure and to rebound back
– To not be embarrassed by my failings but aware
– To be loved
– To feel I am always going to be all right, even during hard times
– To be a global citizen.

In this picture of the bee humming I see my self this Easter moving ahead and being allowed to make change. I pray for all to be as blessed and that Easter allows you to see your future and that you are able to also see your blessings…..

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