To continue from part one, I am directing you to two other books worth reading while you contemplate going abroad…


These books from the American perspective.


Each book made me reflect and remember situations I have experienced similar to the writers. Funny thing is…. for a long time I said I should compile a book like SO FAR… the same exact idea accomplished by American Citizens Abroad Editors.  My hat off to them…


And what best, they’re affordable and one is even a free download!




So Far and Yet So Near-Stories of Americans Abroad

Edited by American Citizens Abroad




So Far and Yet so Near is a diverse collection of American expatriates’ personal experiences from around the world. The 47 stories address topics such as the challenges of adapting to a foreign culture, finding a home abroad, impressions of young expatriates, as well as dealing with exotic locales, identity issues, culture shock, and the changing perceptions American expatriates have of the U.S. The lively stories take readers on an inside journey around the globe, where the people, colors, tastes and smells of foreign cultures are brought to life with engaging narrative and keen insights. This book is not merely a collection of expatriate stories; rather, it is a vivid testimony to the challenging and enriching discoveries that await those who venture far from home.




The New American Expat:

Thriving and Surviving Overseas in the Post 9/11 World

By William Melton.




An in-depth guide to the challenges of living abroad in today’s post 9/11 world. Based on his extensive experience as an expatriate, the author provides practical information and insights for Americans embarking on overseas assignments, with special focus on safety, security, and topics such as how be an American while living and working abroad.

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