This section will provide the reader with information on the topic of ‘job search’ and cultural transition and assimilation.

Most people will expect that I should talk about myself in this section. I feel this section is the location where I can best focus my energy on providing the reader the information to ‘go international’.

In this location I will build a categorized library of links, articles, samples of work formats used in the field of aid and development.

For example the question a reader might have could be:
How do I define to myself the humanitarian or international role I would like to have?

My answer to the reader is: Write your own title and job description. Do this by becoming aware of the job openings for humanitarians by studying the job ads in the website DEVEX.com.

In this section I will provide the reader samples of an advertisement and of a job description. I will talk about the application process and about applying and transferring skills to the field of aid, relief and development. I will talk about how my own corporate experience in health communications applied to working situations in health planning, health promotions, health education in far flung locations of the world. I will talk about what I have learned in my lifetime.